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Greetings to all lovers of Fine Art. My name is Rudolf Zamazal; however, I use the pseudonym A. zaru. I am delighted to be able to showcase my fine art.

Many years ago I began to study the Old masters and their technologies of painting. I found that every master used different procedures to prepare their colours. It was their secret. Fortunately some of this was written down.

Some fine art historians claim that the first oil paintings were created by the Hubert and Jan van Eycke brothers. They came from the Netherlands and lived in Flanders (Belgium) in the fifteenth century. They invented a range of special media which were used in the last layers. These media were based on a polymer of walnut oil, resin, balsam and other materials. Since then the technique oil painting has been developed by painters and their students alike. Unfortunately after the establishment of fine art academies this knowledge was lost. Now many companies produce colours of a similar quality, with some small differences. The secret my fine art techniques consists in combining more than one medium. My paintings are made up of a combination of more oil based media in the linseed oil and a resin with other special additives. It results in a three dimensional effect. The technique I use in my paintings depends on the kind picture I am working on. In acrylic paintings I use some similar substances, as those in oil paintings.

I thank every art lover for taking the time to look at my work.


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